fredag, september 29, 2006

Weekend til Bundby kamp .....

so what have we learnt ...... so far?

Typical FCK playing just defensive and not much offensive in a game where David vs. Goliath is virtually taking litterally. FCK didn't stand a chance mainly because they didn't want to risk the chance of going behind 1-0, but then again, when FCK does go 1-0 down, what the tactic then? attack? score goals ... well, its more of a case not going 2-0 down. Hopefully its a better show against Man U. (I'll see everyone there on the 17th Okt.)

The big match on sunday is not one to be missed .....
Not going to write much as we are number 1 in Superligaen, so nothing after that game change that either. Hoepfully we will see more goals from the boys in white and ... looking forward to listen to the S12 block again. More from Nedre C would also be encouraging!! 2-0 to FCK ....

as usual, F3k will be showing the game LIVE .....

if anyone needs transport to Old Trafford on the 17th Okt. Please try to contact Laurits (aka Hafnia on FCKFC forum) for anymore availablity on the bus. Good Luck and see you all.

torsdag, august 03, 2006

Season 2006 -07

Hello sportsfan .... God dag alle supporter af FCK.

To start and begin the season with 2 wins and advancement to Champion League 3 round, has been one of the best starts in FCK history. We are now on course to meet Ajax in the third round, once again, two games to see us through the "promised land". I hope that we make it, pick up one scottish team and one english team (prefer london team) instead of Liverpool F.C.

I havn't seen the team play yet, well highlights, but by the means of things, they don't need my opinion to tell them how good they are. They are better off without me, they do just as good whether i am there or not. As to watchin the games, i can only update you on how things are in London.

I heard that 3 Kings pub is under refurbishment, which happened to finish up when FCK played their 2nd round game against the finnish team. Therefore, i can safely say that from now on .... all FCK fans should make way to F3k.

Games are shown - except TV2 (don't think they have that):

Saturday, 5th, Aug
FCK vs Viborg - 16:00. (TV3)

Wednesday, 9th, Aug
FCK vs. Ajax - 19:30. (TBC)

Sunday, 13th, Aug
FCK vs OB - 17:00 (3+)

Saturday, 19th, Aug
Vejle vs. FCK - 16:00 (Tv3)

Wednesday, 23rd, Aug
Ajax vs. FCK - 19:35 (TBC)

Sunday, 27th, Aug
FCK vs. Aab - 15:00 (Viasat?)

God kamp ... stemningtribune, here I come!!!

tirsdag, marts 07, 2006

[Chapter 2 - 2006] Bundby vs. FCK (1-0)

9 men, sandy bundby grass, extra time and one penalty waived!

When you loses to bundby, its not the best news in the world! However, the scoreline 1-0 was a total shadow and misconception over the effort of the boys in white. FCK was taken its totally domination of the game into the consideration when Linderoth recieved his matching orders after two yellow card, last one resulted from a harmless tackle, Pimpong was decieved by Rytter experience german diving technics and earning himself a straight red, both players will miss the next league game -> chapter 3. With 9 men, hard to attack but easy to defend, FCK conceded the only goal of the game on a freekick.

1-0 is not the right way direction to take from this game, however the positive side is that bundby is no where near FCK ability when there is 11 vs. 11 on the field. There has been played two games and yet, they have found FCK as the stronger side, technically, physically and mentality. If bundby was to do anything, next week is their only chance, but it does seem and most likely .... FCK will extend their lead to 7 points with 11 men on the pitch and a ref who is competent.

chaper 3 - sunday 16:30 F3K .... will continue.

But before that, FCK will be taking a little trip to sweden to play their second leg game vs. Hammerby, which of course bundby is dreading the proposition of hoping that FCK will drop out the competition due a player who didn't have the legislation in time to play the famous chapter 1 game.

onsdag, marts 01, 2006

Pre-lude to Chapter 2 - Bundby vs. FCK

Nu gaelder det Pokal i stadio communal eller betonsby!

Usually, under the circumstances regarding the domestic cup in Danmark ... FCK usually doesn't win games at bundby. So all i have to say, this time it will be different, bundby will be kick out of the tournament! They can start counting the domestic league and cup to be surrenderred to the actual capital club.

As we saw in chapter one ... 2-1 to the Whites!
Will there be a repeat or more of a dumping at the expenses of losing 3-0? What a question, FCK firmly favourite, they havn't lost yet in royal leauge games, is very much undefeated. On the other hand, bundby comes out losing one game and hoping stay to qualify to royal league. They lost 3-1 to division 1 team, farmering neighbours Herfolge, which can just be the beginning. Anyways, it will be a tight game with many chances this comin sunday at 16:00.

As usual ..... if lucky, there will be a big turn out on the day if i get to make it.

F3K - 16:00 kickoff!!!

Bundby vs. FCK ... 1-3!

fredag, februar 10, 2006

[Chapter 1 - 2006] Bundby vs. FCK (1-2)

Easy day out at Bundby, 2-1 was the score, but could have been more!
First game in 2006 sees both ex-FCK players Stale Solsbakken and Peter Nielsen truimph (like the old days) at Bundby stadium. The FCK squad was assemble for the first time this year, under hectic international commitments and training at La Manga, so it was virtually the very first time this team played together. What was more surprising how the FCK team is gelling quickly with two debutant, hagaland and Hutch, and how they dominated the issue on Bundby stadium. All in all, FCK should have finished the game at 2-0, both santos and gravgaard had the chance to score to 3-0 after Allback and Bergvold took the lead. But of course, we are all humans and left bundby back in the game, but only to make the scoreline look nice ... so 2-1 was a win but definitely the scoreline could have gone worse for bundby.
To the next meeting again in March .... first pokal, then league .... we'll take it all, we can and we will because we are number 1. Seeya Laudrup .... time to go to spain and enjoy the sun. Chapter 1 ends with a happy ending, will chapter 2?
ps .. watch out for the fixtures (FCK will be playing this comin sunday at 13:00 at F3K, Royal League)

fredag, januar 13, 2006 (

Idag giver forslag til weekends kamp.

Liverpool vs. Spurs - X (3.85 odds)

og 0-0, 8,00.

tror ikke pa dem!!!

Liverpool vinder sikker med 2-0.

torsdag, december 08, 2005

Royal league

ja ... hvis da er tvivl om royal league kampen mod bundby (8/12) og mod Kalmar (11/12), sa ka jeg opklar det hele.

F3k viser kampen ......

tror ikke jeg na selv til F3k, men ellers god kamp og vi vinder sikker begge kampe!

FCK vs. Bundby 2-0
FCK vs. Kalmer 3-1